May 20: One Last Day

Milan Today was our last day in Italy, and it was a nice way to end it.  The day started off earlier than I would’ve liked it too but I went to Rhe Club Milano the night before so I was not complaining.  The first event of the day was to visit the Lanea-people leather […]

May 19: Potential Doesn’t Always Pan Out

Peschiera/Milan I stated earlier that the worst day was the first day in Florence, I stand corrected.  Today was probably the worst day.  It didn’t start that way because I actually had a lot of optimism that we would be able to have at least decent weather in Peschiera del Garda.  When we arrived at […]

May 18: Busy, Busy, Busy

Verona Without a doubt, today was the busiest and most exhausting day of the trip.  For starters, the morning started very early.  We were to meet in the lobby at 8:50 AM.  The rationale, was that we were to leave at 9 in departure for Mozzecane which is around 30 minutes outside of the city […]

May 17: My Juliet

Verona Today was a cool day in all aspects.  First off, I woke up early but well rested as I got 10 plus hours of sleep for the second night in a row.  Our first mission, was to head to the train station and be on our way towards Verona.  The train ride was only […]

May 16: Shopaholic

Milan I woke up this morning extremely well rested and feeling good.  I got almost 12 hours of sleep which is easily the most I’ve gotten on the trip thus far.  the first thing we did today was go to lunch at a place called Pizzeria 40.  They brought out a bunch of appetizer trays […]

May 15: Easy as Cake

Milan It is always tough waking up early after a long night and today was no different.  That being said, I did not mind it that much.  The reason being, is that today was by far the easiest, and will continue to be the easiest, day of the trip.  We had just one thing on […]

May 14: Views

Florence I stated earlier that Como was my favorite day, but today might have rivaled that.  It started off very early when Craig, Barret, and I woke up at 7:45 to go wait in line to climb the Duomo.  It opened at 8:30 but fortunately, we were the first ones in line so waiting was […]